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Why The Wave

“Let's make a difference for this generation.”

The Wave’s legacy is to impact the lives of these teens and their families by becoming the extended family they often don’t have. The Wave Clinic was co-founded by Fiona and Malek Yassin in 2018. Both have over 20 years of professional experience in the addiction and mental health recovery industry, and together they saw a huge gap in the market for how treatment serviced teens and emerging adults.  Many facilities focused on filling beds, and offering shorter programmes meant higher completion rates, but also greater chances of later relapse. There were very few ethical facilities that focused on complex cases, or on teens or young adults who had failed treatment before.

Our Guest Services Team are on hand to advise on flight bookings and accommodation for admission, family therapy intensives and at departure. Our families often tell us that from the first phone call; that they never felt alone with their problems again. Simply knowing that you have a professional team on hand before, during and after treatment; really does lighten the load.

The Wave is set in a secure location, within easy reach of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We know that it is important to feel well connected, with direct travel routes to most major cities. The wave is set in a luxurious and prestigious location, far enough away from the city to benefit from tranquillity and yet still benefit from the cultural highlights of Kuala Lumpur.


The Wave Unique Approach

We are highly activities-focused, offering a hugely diverse range of athletic, cultural and spiritual experiences to support our clients. We believe in treating the trauma that is often found beneath the surface of the substance use disorder or behavioural health issue.

We don’t measure the success of a client’s recovery from whether they have completed the programme, but on achieving their goals and staying clean. We have a zero tolerance electronics policy upon intake, and reintroduce electronics with moderation.

The Wave Clinic Points of Difference:

Admissions and Fees

We accept referrals from families as well as from mental health professionals. Our location in Kuala Lumpur allows for a more accessible price point than many treatment options.

Our fee is $4000 USD/week with a $5000 USD deposit.

We can make immediate crisis admissions, subject to bed availability and accept insurance, subject to the provider’s assessment. See our Intake Page for more information, or contact us.

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Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone.

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