The Wave Outpatient Services provides assessments, consultations, appointments and intensive outpatient programs in the heart of Kuala Lumpur..

Outpatient Services


Mental Health care for all the family 

Our central clinic based close to Phileo Damansara MTR, offers weekday appointment and weekends and evening by prior arrangement.

Are an assessment is designed to help you to describe your current symptoms, thoughts and feelings to a medical professional. Our team of Psychiatrists, mental health nurses, psychologists and psychotherapists will work together to help you find the solution to your current concerns. 

Teen and Adolescent Psychiatry

Teenage Years can be difficult and most young people will have some increased emotional concerns around this time. In fact, around 50% of mental health concerns present with some symptoms before age 14, with three quarters of mental health issues presenting by age 24. For some young people the complexity of transitioning from child to adolescence can be more difficult. Family breakdowns, external concerns, worries, exam pressure and young relationships can all add an additional burden. Some young people have additional concerns with mental health, or a previous diagnosis, medication or perhaps escalating involvement with legal/school issues. The Psychiatrist in the Teen and Adolescent Team at The Wave are medical doctors with further extensive training in psychiatry and s specialist interest in young people and teenagers. 


Expat Mental Health Service. Caring for your family when you are far away from home.

Our Psychiatrists and international therapists are providing dedicated services to meet the needs of the expat community. Being away from home presents some unique challenges for the treatment of mental health. We understand that being far away from support networks and family can pose difficulties when mental health concerns arise. The mindset of expats is often one that embraces both the risks and challenges of living overseas; although with the opportunity can come increased stress and pressure, cultural and language obstacles and a feeling of loneliness when illness appears. Our team have experience of facilitating care for expats and their families, who are faced with mental health concerns. We are happy to work with all overseas insurance providers, subject to policy limitations. Our team can assist with paperwork and can even arrange repatriation should circumstances require. 

Schools service

We offer support for our colleagues with the International School system and accept referrals from Schools Counsellors, SEN Teachers and Pastoral care coordinators. Our team work with some of the most experienced UK Educational Specialists and can arrange for Skype Consultations with specialists within the UK Independent schools’ sector to help families transition. Our team of Therapists and Psychiatrists can assist with regular appointment to supplement the work in school or design individual programs around the educational needs of young people.


Additional Outpatient Services include:

To ask about additional services not mentioned please get in touch and contact us.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) 

The Wave IOP program provides intensive group and individual therapy, experiential and creative therapies, psycho-education and family support. This is provided in a 5 day per week program requiring daily attendance. 

IOP can be considered a step-down care or lower level of care. It can follow a period of inpatient treatment either at The Wave or in other treatment facilities. IOP treatment provides a significant level of support during early recovery and assists following stabilisation of an acute mental health episode. 

IOP Treatment can be suitable for those who require some flexibility due to work, education or family commitments. 

Therapeutically intense, we are able to offer the quality delivered through our inpatient and residential services to those who are resident in KL or surrounding areas for who financial considerations are paramount. 

Whilst IOP is an intensive therapeutic program, it does not require a residential stay and is suitable for those people who do not require detox, medical supervision and are not in mental health crisis. It is not suitable for those who live with others who are in active addiction or using drugs or alcohol at home or who do not have an adequate support network in the community. Careful consideration is giving during assessment to ensure suitability for the programs at The Wave. 

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Children may need to visit a psychiatrist if they are struggling with any aspect of behavioural, emotional or mental health; which is affecting them at home, at school or in social settings. 

Whilst both provide an intensive level of treatment, an IOP has no overnight or weekend care. For that reason, it is most suited to those who have adequate support, stable home setting and have minimal environmental triggers. IOP is well suited to those who have completed detox and some primary care or have been stabilised following a crisis episode. 

A psychiatrist is a qualified medical doctor with extensive post graduate training in the specialist area of psychiatry. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication and may/may not provide therapy. 

Psychotherapists are trained professionals who have received extensive post graduate training in the field of mental health often with a sub speciality. Providing talk therapy and other types of therapeutic intervention; psychotherapists will assist with helping you explore the way that you think, feel and act. At The Wave, our psychotherapists are all trauma informed practitioners, who will help you to work through your feelings, fee

We all need a little support at times. We encourage our young people to remain part of the treatment family, long after the crisis is resolved. We have unlimited access to your dedicated what’s app group. In your personal group you will find our medical team, clinical team and your therapist. They are on hand to help you whenever the needs arise. In addition, you can book Skype sessions or even return for short ‘top up’ stays. We will ensure you leave with a robust treatment plan in all areas of recovery life. 

For more FAQs, please refer to our FAQs page.

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