We welcome you to our modern, luxurious facility located a

20 minute drive from KL International Airport.



Our modern, luxurious facilities are located a 20-minute drive from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Each of our 15 rooms is 120 m squared (larger than most hotel rooms), and has a palatial ensuite bathrooms.

Our facilities include a 42ft x 17ft indoor pool with a poolside yoga deck and relaxation chairs. We have an indoor hot tub, designated art room with full supplies. An outdoor basketball court, table tennis and fully-equipped gym. Housed with manicured, gardens and 360 degree panoramic terraces.

Our onsite chef works with our nutritionist to develop an individual meal plan for each of our clients, taking into account both personal preferences and any health concerns they may have, and preparing fresh, nutritious, gourmet meals tailored to those guidelines. 

We hold barbecues every Saturday on the roof terrace, with clients participating in choosing, cooking and serving lunch. We regularly offer dance therapy workshops and music workshops.


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