Our Young people explain that The Wave offered opportunities to be creative,

to feel accepted and to feel supported in the recovery journey. 



Success Stories


Recovery is Possible

The Wave Clinic is a place of hope, not only for the young adults who walk through our doors but for the families who are able to find hope in a brighter future. Recovery from Metal Health concerns, Eating Disorders and Addictions takes courage, patience and determination. There is nothing linear about the recovery process. Our Young people explain that The Wave offered opportunities to be creative, to feel accepted and to feel supported in the recovery journey. 

Our families and our young adults stay in close contact with us after they leave. In fact, many of them return to visit The Wave family and join us to mark special celebrations in their lives. Our families know that they can lean on us for support and advice, log after the treatment had been completed. We offer short stays, regular therapy sessions and support for all of young people for as long as they need us. There is no time limit or ceiling on our involvement; our family becomes your family as the story continues to unfold. 

The Wave is a unique space. We made it that way. Our team create space, ‘The Wave Way’. We nurture, care, life and laugh with our young people; we believe in collaboration and recovery partnerships and most of all we believe that recovery is possible for every young person that we have the pleasure of meeting. Each has a story to tell and we have the ability to listen.

We are proud of our success stories, they increase month on month. We enjoy listening. 

If you’d like more information about our programme and facilities, or want to tell us more about your family’s needs, please:

Our Testimonials

“I came to The Wave for multiple addictions.

I got to a point where I basically hit rock bottom and didn’t know where to turn.

I came here looking pretty frail, sick, scared, fearful, completely lost.

The program has helped me see things in a whole new way. I’m now getting up in the morning happily and wantingly. I’m actually starting to like myself. I’m just really, really enjoying life again.

Since being here, I’ve felt nothing but safe.

Ash, Client

"I find that the way they do the treatment at The Wave is very different from other treatment centers.

It’s personalized for each client.

The client gets the attention they need, one-on-one, 24/7.

The client has a really good trust with the professional team here, which helps them open up and be honest about their stories, and feel very safe and secure in an environment that’s away from their home, away from the place that they used to use or have problems.”

Mohammad Kathrada, Recovery coach 

Our Parent Advocates

Our Parent Advocates have experience of the treatment process. They understand the complexity of finding suitable treatment, the concerns and the fears.  They have first-hand knowledge of building a trusting relationship with the treatment team and have spent many days and hours at The Wave, in family sessions and have been involved in the care and treatment planning for their family members. 

Our Parent Advocates have pledged to help other families experiencing mental health, addiction on eating disorders. Each offering their time and guidance freely. As supporters of The Wave and providing guidance for others, they are part of The Wave extended family.

Dee's Story

Dee has a story that moves from uncertainty and fear to progress and milestones. When we recently received a call to tell us that her son had secured his first paid job, we were delighted and full of hope for the future. Dee and her family are regular visitors to The Wave and her son, now considers the team her as friends and allies in his recovery process. There have been bumps along the way, through determination and love, all the bumps have been small ones. Dee has a powerful story of hope for families everywhere.

Carmel's Story

Carmel has become a friend too many young people and families who have passed through The Wave. Her bright smile and positive outlook are contagious. She not only brings us vast supplies of Australian goodies; she brings us a reminder of how unpredictability and despair can be replaced with a glowing smile, a success story and a gift for giving back to others.

As her daughter finalises her training in holistic practices (Reiki and TRE), we join them to celebrate one year of successful recovery. Carmel found that securing treatment in Australia was almost impossible. With one previous treatment episode the family felt further treatment could offer little hope for them. Having successfully completed and graduated primary treatment and with six months of secondary treatment, the family realise that they have come so far. We are exceptionally proud to call this family friends of The Wave and know that we will be in close contact for a very long time.

There's Always Hope

Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone. Do you have questions?

Want to discuss your case? Are you looking to start the path to healing?

We’d love to talk to you. 


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