Is a unique treatment option for young people and families from the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region and beyond providing Bilingual Therapists  and Bilingual Programs.



The Wave Arabia  

Bilingual Therapists - Bilingual Programs

The Wave Arabia is a unique treatment option for young people and families from the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region and beyond. The Wave is the only treatment setting dedicated to delivering programs in Arabic and English for teenagers, young adults and families with addiction, eating disorders and mental health concerns. Our home is a luxury residential facility based near to Kuala Lumpur, with direct flights to most major cities. Our luxurious treatment setting is complete with individual suites for young adults. 

Our treatment programs are facilitated by International Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and clinicians and supported by 24-hour nursing care, see our team for more information. Intensive group, individual and family therapy provides structure for young people delivered in the 10 weeks core program. Young adults will be continual reviewed, and reports sent to both current medical professionals and family members. Extended stays are possible subject to medical and clinical assessment. We offer secondary/transitioning care for those young adults who have successfully graduated from the primary treatment program at The Wave or at a treatment centre where they have undertaken 12 week’s primary care.

The Wave is an activities-based program. In addition to our equipped onsite facilities, inclusive of a full-sized indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi area, our young people are able to experience an exciting schedule of activities and cultural programs. Educational support is available to young people who require individual tuition. 

The Wave prides itself on cultural competence both in treatment and in leisure time. Our team of Chefs, dieticians and nutritionists are able to provide for all dietary requirements. We are able to provide opportunities for Prayer and accompanied visits to the local Mosque when clinically appropriate. 


Why is bilingual treatment essential for young adults and families?

As we live in an increasingly globalised world, young people frequently move between countries and 

cultures with the family, for education and later for employment opportunities.

To ask about additional services not mentioned please get in touch and contact us.

Our Therapists are able to answer your questions - in your language.

Our Therapists are bilingual. They understand the questions that you would like to ask before, during and after treatment. Your family will be provided with a 'WhatsApp’ or similar messaging board where you can communicate with the therapy team during treatment and beyond. We provide regular family updates and medical progress reports. 

The Wave supports you


The Wave provides residential Detox for most cases, supervised by our in-house Consultant Psychiatrists and their nursing team. Should a Detox require a higher level of care, we are able to admit to a selection of Kuala Lumpur’s Five Star private hospital network, where our team can continue to supervise throughout the detox period. It is not necessary or advisable to attempt to detox at home prior to admission.

At The Wave, we believe the whole family is the client - because addiction and mental health impacts everyone. The World Health Organisation statistics say that for every person who is affected directly by addiction or mental health, a minimum of 6 others will have their lives impacted.

When we look at long-term and sustained recovery for mental health and addiction, we look at extending our treatment to the collective. Our philosophy is based on building relationships with the people who come to us - and their families and extended families - in order to build a recovery pathway for life.

We assess each case on an individual basis. In the early days of treatment, and certainly throughout orientation and the settling-in period, we create a space where the client can get to know themselves and other people. At this point, we don’t encourage any outside work or involvement.

We have our own bank of tutors and university lecturers who work on-site and who can, further down the road, assist with study away from home. The rule of thumb is that if it’s going to be beneficial and help with the transition back home, we encourage it. If it’s going to be a pressure or invite unwelcome outside influence into the treatment environment, we don’t allow it.

Yes, we do. The criteria is simply that your insurance company will accept your claim. In some cases, they will give a guarantee of payment in advance; in others, you’ll need to settle with them directly. But we will work with your insurance provider to try and provide settlement or partial settlement on your or your loved one’s stay with us.

For more FAQs, please refer to our FAQs page.

There's Always Hope

Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone. Do you have questions?

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